Sarah Pagen: candidate for President on the American Independence Party, a new division of the world-renowned Alaska Independence Party.  The woman the world has been waiting for!

You know her best as the hostess of “Cooking North,” the show that turned millions of couch potatoes into armed Extremovores who know that the best meal is the one you kill yourself.  You know that she’s the daughter of an Alaskan farmer and prophet, raised on the slopes of Ester Dome near Fairbanks.  You know that she’s the mother of the fantastically popular Northern Gospel group, the Trapper Family Singers, whose great hit “He’s Got the Whole World in His Sites” set the world on fire.  You’ve seen her as the wife of Tommy Pagen, who has nearly won the Itidarod for the last ten years with his team of carefully bred huskies.

Now she steps forward to lead the crusade to remake America in the perfect image of what it once was.  Because this is the chance we’ve been waiting for: to take American back!  Back to the future that beckons ever onward.  A future that demands of us only one thing: independence!





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