Campaign Autobiography

Alaska by Heart, Sarah's Authorized Campaign Autobiography

Now available!  Sarah’s campaign autobiography!

Written entirely by herself, with no help from any ghostwriter, “Alaska by Heart: Recipes for Independence” is just what you would expect from this celebrity chef. It’s a cookbook–one that tells you how to cook Sarah’s great dishes like “Hare on Buns” and “Moose Haggis.”  But Sarah also offers recipes for cooking up a better America.  If you are tired of people who expect the nanny state to pave their streets and educate their children, you’ll love the vision of America that Sarah presents.

In this book, you’ll hear the story of a girl who grew up on the Last Frontier, learning to tell the rogues from the reborn.  A girl who heard the call of the Lord and followed it to fame and fortune.  A woman who learned to lead by putting her husband first, and a citizen who learned to be a loyal American by putting Alaska first.  Because even in the most independent State, there are people who would sell America out to Wall Street, the lameduck media, and the drug dealing “royals.” Sarah became a spiritual warrior to fight them there, and now she brings that fight to the national stage.



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